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Laura VanDenBergh has been practicing yoga since she was a child. Her first memories of yoga are practicing in the living room with her mother. As her practice became more serious, she decided to travel to the Sivananda Ashram in 2007 to complete her Yoga Teacher Training. Over the years, her approach to teaching has constantly grown. She believes that everyone can benefit from a yoga practice; even little ones. Beginning a children’s class at the HOPE Farmers Market in 2012 led her to The Little Yoga House as well as another Teacher Training through Rainbow Kids Yoga. The Austin AcroYoga community has taught her how to be even more playful and community focused. In . Laura 2013, she traveled to Montreal for her AcroYoga Teacher Training with Eugene and Jessie. She loves to share the gift of AcroYoga with all ages, and continues to read books, take workshops, and study with other yoga instructors and AcroYogis. Her favorite part about teaching is being an eternal student.

Laura’s philosophy involves encouraging her students to safely take risks, to find steadiness and ease in each pose, and to practice self love. Ultimately, creating a safe space is the most important goal. People of all shapes, sizes, genders, and abilities can find a place in this practice. Our culture places pressures on individuals to obtain unrealistic body shapes in unhealthy and drastic ways. Laura believes that this creates a fitness atmosphere that denies a lot of people the natural playfulness and joy that comes with physical activity. Don’t exercise so you can love your body later. Play so you can show yourself some real love now!



“She takes sequencing to an entirely new level encouraging you through the challenges and nurturing you through relaxation.  Prepare yourself for a mind blowing, body bending, kick-butt vinyasa like no other!” – Rhianna S.

“She has such a calm and amazing way of walking you through the poses, opening you up, and really experiencing the practice. That calmness helps when it gets brutal. It was both intense and relaxing and I LOVE IT and HER! I am planning on taking more of her classes in the future and I am discovering how yoga really supplements my other training routines (boxing, cycling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).” – Natchet T.

“Laura’s constantly helping me improve. She pays attention to your posture and comments when necessary, adjusts you when you’re in poor alignment (or just look like you’re about to hurt yourself), and even gives small massages on tense muscle groups to help you relax into poses. On top of all that, Laura’s an amazingly gentle and attentive instructor, and a joy to be around. Are you missing out if you don’t take a class with her? Absolutely.” – Ben I.

“This is by far one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever been to. In fact, it isn’t just a CLASS, but its an opportunity for time spent in meditation, awareness, physical and spiritual growth and a real yoga experience. Laura is extremely kind, open, and giving in her practice, and she’s really fun too. She practices and teaches yoga in a more traditional sense, which I have come to really appreciate. I have attended several different yoga classes and studios around town, and hers is really authentic and based on the traditions and beliefs which yoga practice was originated, all while still being fun and a place where you don’t have to be afraid to fall!” – Ashley S.


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